Bright Kids™ Workbook for the CTP 5® – Level 8 (8th Grade)

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Description, Content, and Scoring Methodology of the CTP 5®

385 CTP 5 practice questions with answer key, answer sheets, and answer explanations for Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics, and Algebra sections.


The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP®) is a standardized exam used by many private and public schools throughout the country to measure the language arts, mathematics achievement, and reasoning abilities of students in first through eleventh grade. The CTP 5® Level 8 exam is administered to students who are in the eighth grade in the spring and the ninth grade in the fall. The exam is composed of multiple-choice and open-ended questions in Verbal Reasoning, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Writing Mechanics, Writing Concepts and Skills, Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics, and Algebra. This workbook contains over 350 practice questions that cover all sections of the CTP 5® Level 8 exam. This workbook also includes information about the CTP 5® and the various question types on the exam, as well as answer explanations for the Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics, and Algebra sections. Answer sheets are provided in the back of the book for the student to bubble in his or her answers.

Who can use this book

Students who are planning to take the CTP 5 exam in the spring of 8th grade or the fall of 9th grade. Can also be used by parents and teachers to familiarize the student with the subjects and concepts used for the test.

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