NYC Gifted and Talented Practice Assessment (K and 1st Grade Entry) – Test Two

New York City Department of Education Gifted and Talented (G&T) programs are geared to encourage and foster the intelligent growth of students in public schools. District G&T programs are offered in a number of public schools across New York City; there are only five Citywide G&T schools. Students must take a G&T verbal and nonverbal assessment to be eligible to enter into any District or Citywide program. Any student who scores at the 90th percentile or higher on the assessments is eligible to take part in a District G&T program; a student must score at the 97th percentile or higher to be eligible to enter into a Citywide G&T program.

This book contains a verbal and nonverbal practice assessment for students entering kindergarten or first grade. There is also an answer key in this book that will help a parent easily identify the types of questions his or her child finds difficult to solve. Finally, this book contains in-depth information about the assessments and the strategies a student should use to maximize his or her score. Understanding the format and content of the NYC G&T assessments will help a student perform to the best of his or her ability on the actual tests.

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